About Us

Company Profile

With its 32 years of experience in the adhesive and glue sector, our group has ensured that MitreFix brand has gained a solid place in Turkey and the world market in a short time with its quality, innovations, product diversity, investments and successful marketing strategy. MitreFix Kimya, which started its activities in 2000 with the production of Cyanoacrylate fast adhesives and Accelerator Sprays, has increased and developed its production day by day with its deep-rooted and loaded knowledge based on many years and today it has offered more than 100 different kinds of products to the use of its valued customers and business partners. In addition, MitreFix also meets the contract filling needs of sectors such as cosmetics and automotive with the latest technology aerosol machines in its facilities.

Our Vision

The most important secret of our success is our joint work with our customers. Our decision to focus on customer satisfaction has made us pioneers in redefining service levels in an intuitive, consistent, innovative and personalised way. This attitude has led to increased customer confidence in our company, and together we have created an environment for faster growth. Our goal is to continue to adhere to the values that have brought us to where we are today, and to continue to grow together with our employees and customers who have contributed to this success.

Our aim

To exceed the limits of customer satisfaction with our innovative, sharing, quality and creative approach, imagination and bold initiatives.

Our quality policy

As MitreFix, we are active; within the scope of "design, manufacture, purchase, sale, import and export of adhesive glue and construction chemicals"; to identify changing demands on time based on customer needs and expectations and customer satisfaction, to respond quickly to demands, to realise and deliver projects on time, to provide quality products, services and competitive prices. To follow high technology and ensure its effective use in order to ensure continuous customer satisfaction. To adopt the understanding that all personnel are responsible for quality, and therefore to instil quality awareness in all personnel, to provide training to improve their knowledge and skills, and to encourage them to adaptability and creativity. To ensure the happiness and motivation of the personnel. It is our quality policy to adopt the understanding of continuous improvement of the system through the evaluation of measurable targets based on the performance indicators of the processes defined in the system. In this direction, as MitreFix, we undertake that we will set our quality targets, constantly review our targets and disseminate this policy among all our employees.