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Mitrefix Pink Massive Glue
  • Mitrefix Pink Massive Glue

Mitrefix Pink Massive Glue

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MitreFix Pink Carpentry Glue

Pink Joiner's Glue is a PVA (polyvinyl acetate) based, water-based adhesive. Thanks to the polymers in its content, this glue has high bonding strength and is frequently used in carpentry, woodworking, chipboard coating, MDF bonding and furniture making.

This pink coloured glue contains vinyl acetate homopolymer and forms a hazy film layer on wood and wood surfaces when applied. This film layer increases the resistance of the glued surfaces against moisture and heat, while at the same time it has antibacterial properties that prevent the formation of bacteria and mould.

Pink Carpenter's Glue can be easily used with different application methods. It is possible to distribute the glue evenly on the surface with various application methods such as brush, spatula, roller, automatic spreading machine, hopper roller, dripping systems. Thanks to this feature, it saves time and labour especially in larger scale works such as furniture making.

In addition, this glue, which can be used successfully in hot and cold presses, contains protectors against freezing at low temperatures. In this way, it can provide effective bonding even at low temperatures and does not lose its adhesive properties even in cold weather.

The drying time of Pink Carpenter's Glue may vary depending on the temperature and humidity of the air. While drying takes 40-45 minutes under normal conditions, it can provide faster drying in high temperature and humidity conditions.

As a result, Pink Carpenter's Glue can dry at high temperatures and humidity.

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